Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Magento: Special Prices and Promo Codes

Magento: Special Prices and Promo Codes

Ever had the problem where special prices are appearing on products, but you haven't set one up.
This problem is usually because you've setup a promotional code and either set it as inactive, active, or even deleted it, but then missed the step of APPLY CODES, this then applies all the new codes and removes the old ones.

To setup promotional codes, have a look at the link below, but the keypoints are:
  • Conditions set the products that the eligible for the promo
  • Actions are what are applied
  • I usually duplicate the conditions in the actions settings as well.
In order to apply promo codes to specific products you need to change the setting to allowed for the 'use in promo codes' in the attribute settings.

click here for the original website relating to Promocodes

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